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Getting there You can get to Dresden from Zuerich, Praha and Wien. Best price and travel duration below.

From Amsterdam 11:58 HK$490
From Frankfurt 04:17 HK$334
From Berlin 01:58 HK$218
From Zuerich 12:21 HK$290
From Praha 02:10 HK$290
From Wien 07:14 HK$290
From Budapest 09:20 HK$290
From Basel 08:21 HK$290
From Koeln 07:24 HK$334
From Hamburg 04:07 HK$334
From Duesseldorf 06:57 HK$770
From Heidelberg 07:33 HK$402
From Freiburg 09:08 HK$594
From Hannover 04:01 HK$334
From Mannheim 05:24 HK$502
From Bremen 05:30 HK$218
From Offenburg 08:36 HK$448
From Schoena(gr) 00:49 HK$140
From Mainz 04:54 HK$334
From Erfurt 01:58 HK$218
From Halle Saale 01:43 HK$218
From Zittau. 01:29 HK$250
From Goerlitz 01:27 HK$232
From Eisenach 02:30 HK$334
From Weimar 03:11 HK$218
From Leipzig 01:06 HK$218
From Bad Schandau 00:27 HK$121
From Fulda 03:23 HK$334
From Dortmund 06:02 HK$218

Getting around From Dresden, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Bad Schandau 00:28 HK$121
To Schoena(gr) 01:30 HK$140
To Goerlitz 01:43 HK$232
To Zittau. 02:20 HK$250
To Praha 02:21 HK$356
To Leipzig 02:23 HK$218
To Halle Saale 03:48 HK$218
To Naumburg Saale 03:54 HK$218
To Berlin 04:18 HK$218
To Weimar 04:23 HK$218
To Erfurt 04:40 HK$218
To Wegliniec 07:14 HK$540
To Mannheim 07:46 HK$334
To Fulda 08:35 HK$334
To Dortmund 09:08 HK$218
To Duesseldorf 09:24 HK$334
To Wien 09:28 HK$290
To Frankfurt 09:30 HK$334
To Eisenach 09:45 HK$334
To Koeln 09:49 HK$334
To Hannover 10:08 HK$334
To Stendal 10:24 HK$334
To Offenburg 10:30 HK$218
To Mainz 10:43 HK$334
To Hamburg 10:44 HK$334
To Heidelberg 10:50 HK$334
To Freiburg 11:09 HK$334
To Budapest 11:29 HK$1,254
To Nuernberg 11:30 HK$334
To Bremen 11:35 HK$334
To Krakow 11:49 HK$860
To Amsterdam 13:10 HK$290
To Basel 13:28 HK$290
To Muenchen 14:10 HK$334
To Zuerich 15:15 HK$290

While you're there

Dresden, you should not miss it

On the banks of the Elbe, post-war Dresden has been working hard to rebuild its reputation as an architectural and cultural trend-setter. Start off at the painstakingly reconstructed Frauenkirche church before an evening enjoying some of Germany’s finest contemporary and classical arts.

In the city of Dresden, you will feast your eyes with the "Zwinger" (between the walls) Palace, one of the most charming example of the late baroque architecture in Europe. If you’re intrigued in jewellery and silversmith’s trade you will find interesting pieces in the" Green Vault" Museum.

On the "Theaterplatz" (Theater’s square), we advise you to discover one of the most famous operas in the world, the Semper Opera, and the Hofkirche, the court’s catholique church, housing splendid artworks.

Follow the bicycle path through pastures and reach the Pillnitz Palace and its lovely Park. Eventually, enjoy wandering on the Brühl Terraces, known as the "Balcony of Europe".

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Dresden can be found.

Dresden Hbf

Address: Bayrische Straße 2 1069 Dresden

Dresden Neustadt.

Address: Hansastraße 2 1097 Dresden


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  • "Not a nice choice if u "    
    Not a nice choice if u want to sleep better Thee area is small No bathing as well  
  • "Nice travel"    
    Nice train  
  • "Wonderful trip"    
    Very comfortable. I like it very much  
  • "Good and satisfying "    
    Good work keep it up !!!!  
  • "Convenient but pricey"    
    it was really convenient to be able to take a direct train from dresden, but it was too pricey. Basically, even with a railpass the fees we paid to reserve a room was more than w/o it. What is the point of selling the pass if the direct sale (without the pass) was cheaper? and considering the amount I paid, i would appreciate if it wasn't triple sharing. The cabin was too small for triple sharing: there was hardly enough space to place our luggage. Only saving grace was the very helpful staff on the train.  
  • "Great Trip"    
    This was my first time travelling from Prague to Dresden by train and whilst I was looking forward to it, it far exceeded my expectations. As always the train service in this part of the world is excellent - but the scenery as the train winds its way along the river is fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone.