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Cordoba, pearl of Andalusia

About Spain

Getting there You can get to Cordoba from Algeciras, Alcazar and Cadiz. Best price and travel duration below.

From Barcelona 04:10 HK$219
From Madrid 01:39 HK$146
From Seville 00:41 HK$64
From Algeciras 03:10 HK$173
From Alcazar 03:20 HK$164
From Cadiz 02:27 HK$109
From Ronda 01:42 HK$146
From Malaga 00:48 HK$182
From Ciudad Real 00:55 HK$173
From Jerez De La Frontera 01:51 HK$201

Getting around From Cordoba, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Malaga 01:05 HK$109
To Seville 01:18 HK$64
To Ciudad Real 01:20 HK$182
To Ronda 01:43 HK$119
To Madrid 02:10 HK$146
To Jerez De La Frontera 02:54 HK$201
To Algeciras 03:09 HK$137
To Alcazar 03:10 HK$164
To Cadiz 03:34 HK$219
To Barcelona 09:49 HK$219

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Cordoba, pearl of Andalusia

Cordoba’s sun-baked streets lead to La Mezquita, a grand mosque-turned-cathedral built when southern Spain lay under Muslim rule. Look up at its imposing tower from the whitewashed Flower Alley or stroll under Moorish arches inside. Stop in the tangled Jewish quarter to sample local Montilla-Moriles wine.

Declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Cordoba, the pearl of Andalusia will surely attract you. Lose yourself along the river Guadalquivir and the many parks, mills and terraces in its surroundings. Every parcel of Cordoba’s multicultural History is reflected in countless monuments and museums.

In May, it’s time to look behind the curtain of the facades in the historic centre. Magic is in the air when the contest begins between the most gorgeous patios in town. It is a urban paradise unveiled for all of us.

No wonder that Cordoba, this age old town, was called “Jewel of the World” already during the 10th century.

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Cordoba can be found.


Address: Calle de Abel Pascual 14011 Cordoba


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Customer reviews

  • "Andalusian saga"    
    I boarded the train from Madrid Atocha station at 07:00 on the 14th Oct 13. The train left on time. Breakfast was served shortly thereafter. The Breakfast contained both continental fare as well as the local spanish flavours like cheese,olives etc. The train reached Cordoba on time. Overall we had an enjoyable trip. I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues and friends.  
  • "Gotta Love High Speed Trains!"    
    I have traveled with RENFE several times and have always been impressed. Fast, clean, comfortable, reasonably-priced (especially if you book in advance) and a great way to see Spain.  
  • "A most pleasant journey"    
    Booking tickets online in advance from India was a simple process, and delivery by courier was dome promptly. The stations (Madrir and Cordoba) were very well signposted and clean, and the train itswelf excellent in style an comfort. I am especially appreciative of the high level of efficiency along with courtesy and warmth with which special assistance (wheel chair) was provided to one member of my family at both stations. Thank you. I look forward to traveling with you again. T Jacob  
  • "Speed, convience "    
    The information kiosk at the local office was helpful. The purchase of tickets online was easy and straightforward. It was convenient that we didnt hv to queue locally to get the boarding pass/bus ticket. All in all, was very satisfied with eurorail service.  
  • "On time"    
    I very appreciated the on time departures. Only one thing needs to be condidered for improvement is changing departure time at the stations. At the moment, I wanted to advance my departure time returning to Madrid but it couldn't. The staffs are very helpful anyway. Thanks a lot  
  • "Malaga to Cordoba and back "    
    Brilliant. So easy to book and print tickets. The journey itself was very comfortable and on time. The perfect way to travel. We shall definately go on more train journeys from now on, and will certainly use Rail Europe again - it was worth every penny of the booking fee. Thank you!  
  • "Day trip to cordoba"    
    Our main concern was that we paid for first class return tickets which were advertised as including newspapers, drinks  
  • "Comfortable "    
    I am using raileurope for numerous trips this year and find their trains comfortable, their online ticketing efficient and at the end of my trip I usually end up in the middle of a city (not miles out at an airport somewhere).  
  • "Bilbao - Leon"    
    The journey is not too long but it takes almost 5 hours as the train type is not very modern.  
  • "regarding the administration"    
    I had a flexible ticket (first class), and wanted to take the train leaving an hour earlier than my own. To do so, you have to stand on a long and slow line. In the same hall, another desk with 2-3 clerks, not doing much, but not dealing with tickets.  
  • "Euro Train Travel"    
    I am from Australia and decided to take the fast train from Saville to Barcelona. Went for the better seat option and was very satisfied with the travel. 6 hours went quickly, train was very clean  
  • "AVE sets the benchmark"    
    After passing through security, we settled into our pre-assigned AVE first-class seats. There was considerably more room than the average aircraft seat, The train departed exactly on time and gradually picked up speed until reaching the maximum 250 km/hour. It was fascinating to glide through the countryside in such comfort. The only disappointment was to get off - exactly on time.  
  • "Graeme"    
    The journey overall was very good. The train was clean, comfortable and the staff polite and helpful. Value for money could be a bit better when compared to bus travel.  
  • "Smooth n comfortable"    
    It was a very comfortable ride . Everything was ok except that we were a group ladies in our 50s with a heavy load of baggages , with a little helping hands , everything would be fine.  
  • "All good"    
    Everything about the trip was great other than it was hard to find a way to make a change to our reservation on the RailEurope website. We ended up not making the change, but it was frustrating finding a way to make the change.