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Gateway to style, silver and Scandinavia

About Denmark

Getting there You can get to Copenhagen from Basel, Cologne and Stockholm. Best price and travel duration below.

From Amsterdam 15:06 HK$434
From Frankfurt 09:19 HK$257
From Berlin 06:49 HK$1,348
From Basel 15:42 HK$257
From Cologne 10:09 HK$833
From Stockholm 04:52 HK$1,525
From Hamburg 04:46 HK$833
From Dusseldorf 12:05 HK$257
From Freiburg 14:53 HK$257
From Malmo 00:33 HK$80
From Mannheim 13:04 HK$434
From Karlsruhe 13:42 HK$257
From Gothenburg 03:48 HK$567
From Utrecht 14:38 HK$257
From Langaa 03:53 HK$559
From Lubeck 04:08 HK$771
From Sodertalje 04:44 HK$1,463
From Wurzburg 10:45 HK$771
From Duisburg 12:21 HK$434
From Fulda 10:25 HK$434
From Dortmund 10:11 HK$257
From Hjorring 05:16 HK$514
From Linkoping 03:23 HK$1,321
From Nyborg 01:05 HK$275
From Vordingborg 01:10 HK$160
From Hassleholm 01:21 HK$204
From Nykoebing 01:31 HK$204
From Naestved 00:53 HK$133
From Lund 00:46 HK$80
From Hoeje 00:13 HK$62
From Roskilde 00:21 HK$89
From Helsingoer 00:45 HK$80
From Kristianstad 01:44 HK$213
From Fredericia 01:48 HK$479
From Skanderborg 02:41 HK$443
From Ronneby 03:00 HK$310
From Mjoelby 03:09 HK$363
From Nassjo 02:32 HK$931
From Vaxjo 02:27 HK$319
From Alvesta 01:58 HK$293
From Kolding 02:14 HK$426
From Halmstad 02:24 HK$284
From Koebenhavn (kbh Lufth Ka) 00:09 HK$35

Getting around From Copenhagen, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Koebenhavn (kbh Lufth Ka) 00:13 HK$35
To Roskilde 00:28 HK$89
To Malmo 00:37 HK$80
To Lund 01:05 HK$80
To Helsingborg 01:16 HK$222
To Kristianstad 01:40 HK$213
To Nyborg 01:43 HK$275
To Naestved 01:43 HK$133
To Hassleholm 02:16 HK$204
To Alvesta 02:18 HK$293
To Halmstad 02:24 HK$284
To Nassjo 02:51 HK$931
To Mjoelby 03:13 HK$363
To Ronneby 03:15 HK$310
To Vaxjo 03:45 HK$319
To Linkoping 03:46 HK$319
To Gothenburg 03:48 HK$470
To Lubeck 03:55 HK$771
To Norrkoping 04:06 HK$1,392
To Hamburg 04:34 HK$833
To Sodertalje 04:50 HK$585
To Holstebro 04:54 HK$532
To Skanderborg 05:07 HK$523
To Stockholm 05:23 HK$1,525
To Hoeje 06:17 HK$222
To Frederikshavn 06:36 HK$612
To Berlin 06:45 HK$1,348
To Hjorring 08:08 HK$514
To Kolding 08:55 HK$585
To Fredericia 09:11 HK$559
To Vejle 09:28 HK$585
To Horsens 09:45 HK$603
To Arhus 10:17 HK$612
To Wurzburg 10:42 HK$1,977
To Dortmund 11:53 HK$257
To Fulda 12:29 HK$257
To Cologne 13:20 HK$257
To Frankfurt 13:46 HK$257
To Dusseldorf 14:00 HK$257
To Duisburg 14:16 HK$257
To Nuremberg 14:44 HK$1,232
To Mannheim 14:56 HK$434
To Karlsruhe 15:22 HK$434
To Munich 15:23 HK$1,090
To Utrecht 16:38 HK$257
To Freiburg 16:43 HK$434
To Amsterdam 17:09 HK$612
To Basel 17:36 HK$257

While you're there

Copenhagen, experience the danish way of life

Tivoli Gardens is the hub of Copenhagen’s cultural scene with live jazz and ornate mansions, but its fairground rides, including the terrifying Star Flyer, bring it firmly into the present. Drink in the sea air, tuck into fresh herring and browse the creations of classy modernist designers.

Culture and quality of life define the face of the Danish capital. Thus, Copenhagen is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly towns.

Since 2000, a bridge over the Baltic Sea connects Copenhagen to Malmö in Sweden. It has broadened the importance of this Scandinavian door toward the North. Alongside many harbours and beaches, Copenhagen is laden with huge parks, and a wide range of old and modern architecture.

Experiment the depths of the town through its underground or waterbuses, or simply with a bicycle, so you will look like a real Dane. And don’t forget to taste their hundredth of danish beers.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Copenhagen can be found.

Koebenhavn H

Address: Banegårdspladsen 7 1570 Copenhagen


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Customer reviews

  • "Everything was nice"    
    These is absolutely nothing no mention. Train arrived on time, we got our seats and had an amazing trip trough Sweden until we arrived nearly on time in sweden. Train was clean, employees friendly, nice nice!  
  • "Comfort and Covienience "    
    The experience was marvellous and very comfortable. I didn't realise until we reached Malmo that the journey was about to end,Further we continued the journey in Norway and the experience was much the same  
  • "The south of Sweden by train"    
    The most interesting part of the trip is travelling across Scania and see its marvelous rapefields in bloom in May. Also, the Øresund bridge is quite impressive.  
  • "Great "    
    I think I enjoyed myself here, there's wifi and it was a long trip so that was nice. The seats were okay. All in all, I would take this train again.  
  • "nice"    
    is a good experience that the train go to the ship with us together and cross the sea, seat are comfortable, have minibar to buy drinks.  
  • "Copenhagen to Stockholm "    
    The trip itself was terrific;however, we nearly missed the train in copenhagen because inexplicably the platform was not listed! Finding a human to direct us was also nearly impossible.  
  • "Vikings on Rails"    
    I travelled the 3 nordic Countries NOR; SVE and DAN by Rail and was more than impressed, especially also in Relation to the Railway System we have here in Germany Price, Service and everything was super and made my Trip a real Success.  
  • "Unable to select seat"    
    While the price was great, the train was great and the journey was great I was never able to select my seat and I received an aisle seat (I prefer window) just in a part where the window is narrow. Fortunately the train was almost empty and I was able to move. But it is definitely unbelievable that you can't choose your seat through your system, while through SJ trains web site you can but you need a swedish credit card.  
  • "separate"    
    I bought all the tickets at the same time but the 6 seats were separate each other, not together !.  
  • "Bad Experience"    
    Unfortunately, there was some technical problem that caused the train to move and shake strongly and rapidly, so it was very unpleasant, especially because we were with little kids. We paid a lot and did not enjoy the ride. Regards, David Leshem  
  • "Berlin to Copenhagen 5 August"    
    Wonderful journey. The train being an hour late did not affect any plans I had. The staff on the train were courteous and helpful. The short journey on the ferry to Denmark was most enjoyable. I had not realised until I arrived at the Berlin station that I had mistakenly booked an aisle seat. I went to the ticket office to try and change the seat booking to a window seat, but the person there said she could not do that. This was very disappointing. I spent most of the journey standing in the corridor near the cafe in order to view the countryside. Seeing that area of Germany was the main reason I chose to travel by train. Standing for such a long time was tiring, especially since I am no longer young, but I did have a good view. It would be very helpful if the main office at the Berlin station was able to adjust a seat booking. Yours sincerely Marguerite Fahy  
  • "AMAZING"    
    Comfortable, Prompt, would have preferred if something to was provided besides tea coffee and a cake bite.  
  • "Good travel"    
    Just, had noisy passengers :)  
  • "Excellent ticket service"    
    Very good trip. Best value for money. Best: excellent, reliable, fast ticket delivery.  
  • 0 15 30