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Gateway to style, silver and Scandinavia

About Denmark

Getting there You can get to Copenhagen from Basel, Cologne and Stockholm. Best price and travel duration below.

From Amsterdam 15:06 HK$451
From Frankfurt 09:19 HK$267
From Berlin 06:49 HK$1,397
From Basel 15:42 HK$267
From Cologne 10:09 HK$864
From Stockholm 04:52 HK$1,581
From Hamburg 04:46 HK$864
From Dusseldorf 12:05 HK$267
From Freiburg 14:53 HK$267
From Malmo 00:33 HK$83
From Mannheim 13:04 HK$451
From Karlsruhe 13:42 HK$267
From Gothenburg 03:48 HK$588
From Utrecht 14:38 HK$267
From Langaa 03:53 HK$579
From Lubeck 04:08 HK$800
From Sodertalje 04:44 HK$1,517
From Wurzburg 10:45 HK$800
From Duisburg 12:21 HK$451
From Fulda 10:25 HK$451
From Dortmund 10:11 HK$267
From Hjorring 05:16 HK$533
From Linkoping 03:23 HK$1,370
From Nyborg 01:05 HK$285
From Vordingborg 01:10 HK$165
From Hassleholm 01:21 HK$211
From Nykoebing 01:31 HK$211
From Naestved 00:53 HK$138
From Lund 00:46 HK$83
From Hoeje 00:13 HK$64
From Roskilde 00:21 HK$92
From Helsingoer 00:45 HK$83
From Kristianstad 01:44 HK$221
From Fredericia 01:48 HK$496
From Skanderborg 02:41 HK$460
From Ronneby 03:00 HK$322
From Mjoelby 03:09 HK$377
From Nassjo 02:32 HK$965
From Vaxjo 02:27 HK$331
From Alvesta 01:58 HK$303
From Kolding 02:14 HK$441
From Halmstad 02:24 HK$294
From Koebenhavn (kbh Lufth Ka) 00:09 HK$37

Getting around From Copenhagen, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Koebenhavn (kbh Lufth Ka) 00:13 HK$37
To Roskilde 00:28 HK$92
To Malmo 00:37 HK$83
To Lund 01:05 HK$83
To Helsingborg 01:16 HK$230
To Kristianstad 01:40 HK$221
To Nyborg 01:43 HK$285
To Naestved 01:43 HK$138
To Hassleholm 02:16 HK$211
To Alvesta 02:18 HK$303
To Halmstad 02:24 HK$294
To Nassjo 02:51 HK$965
To Mjoelby 03:13 HK$377
To Ronneby 03:15 HK$322
To Vaxjo 03:45 HK$331
To Linkoping 03:46 HK$331
To Gothenburg 03:48 HK$487
To Lubeck 03:55 HK$800
To Norrkoping 04:06 HK$1,443
To Hamburg 04:34 HK$864
To Sodertalje 04:50 HK$607
To Holstebro 04:54 HK$552
To Skanderborg 05:07 HK$542
To Stockholm 05:23 HK$1,581
To Hoeje 06:17 HK$230
To Frederikshavn 06:36 HK$634
To Berlin 06:45 HK$1,397
To Hjorring 08:08 HK$533
To Kolding 08:55 HK$607
To Fredericia 09:11 HK$579
To Vejle 09:28 HK$607
To Horsens 09:45 HK$625
To Arhus 10:17 HK$634
To Wurzburg 10:42 HK$2,050
To Dortmund 11:53 HK$267
To Fulda 12:29 HK$267
To Cologne 13:20 HK$267
To Frankfurt 13:46 HK$267
To Dusseldorf 14:00 HK$267
To Duisburg 14:16 HK$267
To Nuremberg 14:44 HK$1,278
To Mannheim 14:56 HK$451
To Karlsruhe 15:22 HK$451
To Munich 15:23 HK$1,131
To Utrecht 16:38 HK$267
To Freiburg 16:43 HK$451
To Amsterdam 17:09 HK$634
To Basel 17:36 HK$267

Copenhagen city guide

Copenhagen, experience the danish way of life

Tivoli Gardens is the hub of Copenhagen’s cultural scene with live jazz and ornate mansions, but its fairground rides, including the terrifying Star Flyer, bring it firmly into the present. Drink in the sea air, tuck into fresh herring and browse the creations of classy modernist designers.

Culture and quality of life define the face of the Danish capital. Thus, Copenhagen is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly towns.

Since 2000, a bridge over the Baltic Sea connects Copenhagen to Malmö in Sweden. It has broadened the importance of this Scandinavian door toward the North. Alongside many harbours and beaches, Copenhagen is laden with huge parks, and a wide range of old and modern architecture.

Experiment the depths of the town through its underground or waterbuses, or simply with a bicycle, so you will look like a real Dane. And don’t forget to taste their hundredth of danish beers.

Copenhagen station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Copenhagen.

Koebenhavn H

Address: Banegårdspladsen 7 1570 Copenhagen


Interactive Rail Map

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Main cities in Denmark

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Customer reviews

  • "It was nice"    
    Nice trip  
  • "Amazing"    
    It was a very very nice experienced traveling by train across the sea. Train was comfortable, staff very friendly, and most of all at the ferry it was very excitied. If anyone have a good time try eurotrain unquestionable.  
  • "No Communication!"    
    I had an overnight ticket from Dusseldorf to Copenhagen with an onward journey to Gothenburg but when I got to Dusseldoft HBF to board my train, there was absolutely NO information other than the sign at the track saying the train wasn't going from Dusseldorf. I had no previous communication from Rail Europe to indicate this. There was nobody at the track to give directions and I had to scramble to find out from the customer service desk that I should take another train to Duisberg and get on my overnight train at midnight (two hours after I was expecting to board it in Dusseldorf and WAY past my bedtime!). The journey itself was comfortable enough and the service was good. But nobody could tell me what time we were to arrive in Copenhagen until about 15 minutes before we actually did - and that was 2 hours later than my ticket had originally indicated!! Needless to say, by the time I arrived in Gothenburg I was confused, tired, hungry and very very late.  
  • "ICE"    
    One of our best train rides as this was our first experience where the train was on the cruise ship while crossing from Germany to Denmark. Remarkable!  
  • "Day trip"    
    OK except the sign at the Hamburg station still had the previous train-bit confusing the next one leaving should be at the top of the board on the platform! Quite a long walk to the ferry and the train on the sea crossing.  
  • "City Night Line Koeln-Copenhag"    
    The train went broken in Padborg, and I had problems with further connections. Fortunately, I had an opportunity to take a 9.10 local train to Copenhagen, and the service at that train was excellent.  
  • "My opinion"    
    Very convenient from Copenhaguen To Stockholm Little bit expensive considering the confort on board. Very clean but I think it's time to change the floor lining. Some disturbance with people using their phone.  
  • "Paper tickets in 2013?"    
    The only thing strange was the paper tickets requirement. You should have some sort of eletronic ticket to deliver bey email to the customer.  
  • "From Norway to Sweden"    
    Train left Oslo and reached Stockholm on time  
  • "Value for money"    
    We have an excellent experience to travel in ICE  
  • "Comfy ride"    
    Comfy ride, pretty quick.... Poor air-condidtioning on return trip, especially on german side??  
  • "It was interesting"    
    We arrived on time.  
  • "Excellent"    
    This was our favorite trip. Even riding the ferry was an adventure.  
  • "A fast and comfortable journey"    
    The train was quite modern and comfortable and was essentially on time.  
  • "Unexpected ferry ride"    
    The train traveled onboard a ferry during part of the journey. I've never traveled in this way before and the sea view as seen on the ferry was magnificent and the air was extremely fresh. What a great journey!  
  • 0 15