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Cologne, enjoy every minute of this amazing German city

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Getting there You can get to Cologne from Berlin, Bruxelles and Muenchen. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 03:14 HK$350
From Amsterdam 02:38 HK$736
From Frankfurt 01:10 HK$218
From Berlin 04:17 HK$218
From Bruxelles 01:47 HK$190
From Muenchen 04:37 HK$518
From Zuerich 05:03 HK$490
From Praha 11:35 HK$490
From Wien 09:13 HK$1,930
From Basel 03:52 HK$742
From Salzburg 07:42 HK$1,520
From Luzern 05:09 HK$334
From Koebenhavn 11:28 HK$290
From Stuttgart 02:14 HK$334
From Hamburg 03:35 HK$334
From Duesseldorf 00:22 HK$144
From Dresden 07:26 HK$594
From Nuernberg 04:32 HK$334
From Heidelberg 02:41 HK$334
From Freiburg 03:08 HK$334
From Hannover 02:38 HK$218
From Mannheim 01:29 HK$334
From Bonn 00:20 HK$126
From Karlsruhe 02:05 HK$334
From Bremen 03:02 HK$334
From Aachen 00:35 HK$218
From Linz 10:50 HK$990
From Utrecht 02:10 HK$494
From Saarbruecken 03:06 HK$448
From Kolding 09:04 HK$490
From Wolfsburg 03:12 HK$334
From Ulm 03:14 HK$356
From Braunschweig Hbf 03:54 HK$334
From Luebeck 05:13 HK$610
From Regensburg 05:35 HK$334
From Leipzig 06:02 HK$334
From Flensburg 06:05 HK$1,242
From Passau 06:41 HK$334
From Kiel 05:08 HK$334
From Augsburg 04:02 HK$402
From Odense 09:46 HK$290
From Bingen 02:56 HK$360
From Konstanz 06:33 HK$218
From Paderborn 02:22 HK$218
From Koblenz 00:52 HK$218
From Essen 00:49 HK$218
From Gelsenkirchen 00:57 HK$218
From Bochum 01:00 HK$218
From Wiesbaden 01:05 HK$241
From Liege 01:01 HK$190
From Oberhausen 00:45 HK$202
From Hagen 00:45 HK$202
From Duisburg 00:36 HK$175
From Solingen 00:19 HK$103
From Limburg Lahn 00:42 HK$218
From Krefeld 00:43 HK$160
From Andernach 00:45 HK$184
From Dortmund 01:09 HK$218
From Schwerte 01:12 HK$229
From Osnabrueck 02:09 HK$218
From Bielefeld 01:47 HK$218
From Baden Baden 02:22 HK$334
From Siegburg 00:14 HK$218
From Offenburg 02:35 HK$334
From Trier 02:27 HK$399
From Wuerzburg 02:47 HK$334
From Munster Westf Hb 01:40 HK$218
From Wesel 01:17 HK$251
From Hamm Westf 01:15 HK$218
From Mainz 01:39 HK$218
From Unna 01:25 HK$263
From Siegen 01:26 HK$261
From Arnhem 01:35 HK$372
From Montabaur 00:31 HK$218

Getting around From Cologne, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Bonn 00:21 HK$126
To Duesseldorf 00:31 HK$144
To Opladen 00:32 HK$132
To Aachen 00:34 HK$218
To Siegburg 00:35 HK$218
To Neuss 00:55 HK$172
To Duisburg 01:03 HK$175
To Andernach 01:17 HK$184
To Moenchengladbach 01:19 HK$184
To Essen 01:19 HK$218
To Oberhausen 01:21 HK$202
To Krefeld 01:30 HK$160
To Bochum 01:31 HK$218
To Dortmund 01:32 HK$218
To Koblenz 01:37 HK$218
To Gelsenkirchen 01:44 HK$218
To Wesel 01:49 HK$218
To Hamm Westf 01:57 HK$218
To Schwerte 02:03 HK$218
To Hagen 02:08 HK$202
To Neuwied 02:11 HK$218
To Unna 02:23 HK$218
To Munster Westf Hb 02:26 HK$218
To Iserlohn 02:32 HK$218
To Bielefeld 02:43 HK$218
To Cochem 02:45 HK$218
To Bingen 03:01 HK$218
To Siegen 03:04 HK$218
To Liege 03:04 HK$190
To Frankfurt 03:09 HK$218
To Paderborn 03:10 HK$218
To Eindhoven 03:15 HK$798
To Osnabrueck 03:24 HK$218
To Mainz 03:29 HK$218
To Trier 03:33 HK$218
To Strasbourg 04:04 HK$1,180
To Giessen 04:09 HK$218
To Stuttgart 04:15 HK$334
To Bruxelles 04:16 HK$190
To Mannheim 04:26 HK$334
To Utrecht 04:33 HK$494
To Wuerzburg 04:35 HK$334
To Wiesbaden 04:35 HK$218
To Heidelberg 04:55 HK$218
To Amsterdam 05:00 HK$520
To Karlsruhe 05:05 HK$334
To Nuernberg 05:10 HK$334
To Offenburg 05:41 HK$334
To Baden Baden 06:09 HK$334
To Freiburg 06:12 HK$334
To Saarbruecken 06:19 HK$218
To Bremen 06:26 HK$334
To Ulm 06:47 HK$334
To Kiel 06:59 HK$334
To Basel 07:01 HK$290
To Venlo 07:31 HK$210
To Augsburg 07:36 HK$334
To Leipzig 07:37 HK$334
To Berlin 07:40 HK$334
To Hannover 07:40 HK$334
To Paris 07:57 HK$350
To Salzburg 08:01 HK$1,520
To Muenchen 08:09 HK$334
To Luzern 08:19 HK$334
To Luebeck 08:23 HK$218
To Wolfsburg 08:30 HK$334
To Zuerich 08:34 HK$244
To Braunschweig Hbf 08:39 HK$334
To Hamburg 08:46 HK$334
To Passau 09:17 HK$218
To Konstanz 09:58 HK$334
To Kolding 10:09 HK$290
To Landeck 10:09 HK$2,290
To Regensburg 11:26 HK$334
To Praha 11:30 HK$290
To Flensburg 11:46 HK$218
To Odense 11:55 HK$290
To Wien 12:03 HK$1,800
To Dresden 12:13 HK$334
To Koebenhavn 12:26 HK$944
To Milano 21:16 HK$900

While you're there

Cologne, enjoy every minute of this amazing German city!

It’s hard to miss the soaring twin towers of Cologne’s landmark Gothic cathedral. But to see what really makes this German city tick, pick a cosy inn on the River Rhine, order a glass of Kölsch beer and enjoy a chat with the friendly locals.

Fourteen museums are to be visited in this fourth biggest city of Germany , including the Farina Fragrance museum birthplace of the famous Eau-de Cologne. No wonder that one needs a refreshment after so many visits. Cologne is known as the German town with countless bars and restaurants.

Severely destroyed during World War II, Cologne still shows some historical buildings next to many reconstructed sites. It also offers many standards of modern architecture, including many bridges and skyscrapers.

With its famous Carnival in November(one of Europe’s biggest street festivals), and its taste for music, medias and technology, Cologne shows countless facets of its lively charm.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Cologne can be found.

Koeln Deutz

Address: Ottoplatz 2 50679 Cologne

Koeln Hbf

Address: Breslauer Platz 4 50668 Cologne


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    I was expecting a long train, but it's no big deal.  
  • "Bravo!"    
    Service was great. Would have liked to see more variety in food served. On return, my seat was double booked.  
  • "europe train"    
    I took the train from Cologne to Brussels. Train left Cologne on time and arrived in Brussels on time. Very smooth and comfortable ride. Better than the plane!  
  • "Cologne celebration"    
    A 60th birthday celebration for my brother in Cologne and the train travel and arrangements were excellent!  
  • "Amsterdam, Rotterdam "    
    I cannot say much about comfort as on my trip the train is always full. Nevertheless, I can say it is very convenient as I got an open ticket. As such I am free to choose any train/time I like. There is no stress or rush for me. The staff are all friendly and polite and very willing to assist. You wont get lost! Keep it up!  
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    The journey on the Thalys was a pleasant experience. The seats were very comfortable, the luggage space was sufficient and the breakfast service was excellent. The total feeling was one of commitment to customer care. And the total cost for 6 people was reasonable.  
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    The trip was uneventful, which is great. The train was on time and the ride was very smooth. We had plenty of space for our luggage and plenty of legroom. The seats were very comfortable and clean. A very pleasant experience!  
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    First class travel with excellent value. Trully enjoyed the trip, facilities and amenities on Thalys. I was fortunate to find a good price to travel on this one.  
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    Very nice short trip to Koln. Having assigned seat also help with the planning and enjoyment of the trip.  
  • "Europe made easy!!!!"    
    My daughter and I discovered the ease and comfort of travelling thru europe via high speed train Clean, safe, comfortable, friendly attendants. Who could ask for more?  
  • "BRUS- CGN"    
    Poor WiFi was an issue for me.  
  • "AMS to BRUS"    
    The free Wifi was intermittent and needs improvement.  
  • "Nicest train I’ve ever been on"    
    Very comfortable, very clean, very modern fleet. So much nicer than the Thalys train we just got off of  
  • "good"    
    I like Rail Europe because it flexible to use the ticket and it has nice seat and nice view. :)  
  • "review"    
    The staff to activate teh Europass is very nice and helpful, teach us how to fill in the form in the pass. But the staff on the train (Ams - Koeln) to check tickets is a bit rude. We have filled in the travel log, but forgot the date on the pass, the staff presumed we intended to do so.  
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