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Chambery, experience the unforgettable in the french Alps Mountains Chambery, in the Rhone-Alpes region in the southeast of France, is home to the impressive Castle of the Dukes of Savoy, founded in the 11th Century. Stroll through the pretty cobbled streets in the fresh Alpine air, soak up the atmosphere at the lively Place St-Leger and (...)

About France

Getting there You can get to Chambery from Lyon, Torino and Bardonecchia. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 02:50 HK$200
From Milano 03:58 HK$290
From Geneve 01:17 HK$177
From Lyon 01:18 HK$184
From Torino 02:33 HK$290
From Bardonecchia 01:23 HK$110
From Aime La Plagne 01:27 HK$150
From Oulx 01:35 HK$110
From Bourg St Maurice 01:43 HK$150
From Moutiers-salins 01:10 HK$142
From Landry 01:35 HK$150
From Valence 01:32 HK$247
From St Michel Valloir 01:05 HK$149
From Albertville 00:35 HK$96
From Grenoble 00:36 HK$99
From Grenoble U.gieres 00:33 HK$108
From Culoz 00:27 HK$90
From St Pierre D'albigny 00:17 HK$90
From Annecy 00:40 HK$90
From St Jean De Maurienne 00:41 HK$128
From Modane 00:59 HK$167
From Aix Les Bains 00:10 HK$90
From Bellegarde 00:49 HK$125
From St Avre La Chambre 00:44 HK$112
From Aeroport Lyon-saint Exupery 00:57 HK$155

Getting around From Chambery, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Aix Les Bains 00:15 HK$90
To St Pierre D'albigny 00:19 HK$90
To Albertville 00:42 HK$96
To St Avre La Chambre 00:49 HK$116
To St Jean De Maurienne 00:57 HK$128
To Grenoble U.gieres 01:00 HK$99
To Grenoble 01:00 HK$99
To Aeroport Lyon-saint Exupery 01:04 HK$155
To St Michel Valloir 01:07 HK$149
To Bellegarde 01:21 HK$125
To Modane 01:22 HK$167
To Bardonecchia 01:31 HK$110
To Oulx 01:41 HK$110
To Geneve 01:50 HK$172
To Culoz 02:46 HK$90
To Annecy 02:56 HK$90
To Lyon 03:06 HK$184
To Valence 03:06 HK$229
To Moutiers-salins 03:13 HK$138
To Aime La Plagne 03:31 HK$150
To Landry 03:39 HK$150
To Bourg St Maurice 03:47 HK$150
To Torino 04:02 HK$290
To St Gervais Les Bains 04:33 HK$155
To Aeroport C De Gaulle 05:01 HK$554
To Dijon 05:17 HK$427
To Milano 05:33 HK$290
To Paris 11:00 HK$200

While you're there

Chambery, experience the unforgettable in the french Alps Mountains

Chambery, in the Rhone-Alpes region in the southeast of France, is home to the impressive Castle of the Dukes of Savoy, founded in the 11th Century. Stroll through the pretty cobbled streets in the fresh Alpine air, soak up the atmosphere at the lively Place St-Leger and don’t miss the quirky Elephant Fountain.

Enjoy wandering in the charming old town of the historic capital of Savoie. You will be intrigued by many splendid old mansions that belonged to the nobility of Savoie. Here and there, admire some magnificent indoor staircases and picturesque statues from the 19th century.

You can also visit the Saint François de Sales Cathedral which houses the widest trompe-l’oeil painted surface in Europe. If you wish to learn more about the history of Savoie, discover the Savoisien Museum located in the former Franciscan convent. The abundant gastronomy of Savoie offers among others the famous cheese fondue.

Above all, Chambery is one of the best ways for reaching the Alps mountains by train.

Train Station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Chambery can be found.

Chambery Challes

Address: 351 Place de la Gare 73000 Chambéry


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Customer reviews

  • "Not bad trip"    
    The train is simple but did what i wanted and took me to my destination  
  • "Nice trip"    
    It was nice, the train was clean and comfortable also the stuff at the rail station were helpful.  
  • "Easy and Comfortable"    
    Train was on time, not too crowded and quick.  
  • "Smooth trip"    
    This was our first experience of European rail and was very positive. Fast, efficient and relaxing. No problems  
  • "Evertything worked"    
    I think it was a good idea to book the tickets in advance - the system at the train stations can be confusing. We had the print at the station option, and managed to make it work.  
  • "uneventful"    
    The train ran on time and without issues. I was running late so didn't have time to get to first class cabin on the outside, and I wasn't about to lug my ski gear through the train (and wasn't sure which cabin it was on since seats were unallocated for some reason). Second class was absolutely fine though and even managed to find a power socket at one of the tables.  
  • "Vey efficient way to travel"    
    We arrived at Chambery Airport got a taxi to Chambery train station for our onwards journey to Moutier then onto Courchevel. The outward train was cancelled due to a French train strike. However we managed to get another train to Moutier. On arrival at Moutier we go a bus up the mountain to Courchevel. All went well  
  • "Nice ride"    
    The connecting train was not crowded so we enjoyed the ride.  
  • "Un sueño hecho realidad, "    
    Muchas gracias, todo fue tal como lo soñé. Muy lindo. Puntuales. Buena atención. Excelente travesía . Felicidades.  
  • "Good service with snacks"    
    Good service with snacks and drinks.  
  • "Good service"    
    It is unresrved and local train compare to TGV. But very clean and on time service without any issue  
  • "train trip"    
    great trip!  
  • "Very good"    
    I only have a reccomendation for people who don`t know the place. We went to Valence Ville and we did not know that this place were different fron Valence TGV so we lost our train from valence to Barcelona. the rest was excellent incluiding facilities. Well bathrooms need more service ( cleanless)  
  • "Not so comfortable !"    
    As usual with French cannot expect to be on time. Once again 15 minutes delay and a change of train in Modane...not very comfortable for any passenger. In the other hand when you book a 1st ticket it is because you would like working and to get a power plug to connect ur lap top...why was not it existing in the second train we took from Modane. A neighbor passenger asked your crew but they did not answer correctly and we were bothering them apparently. Why to book a 1st class if you do not get all features u can expect.  
  • "I wish"    
    No one in Italy would sell us a ticket. Then when we went to Rail Europe on line, no one in Italy would print out our tickets. I thought the EU meant that countries spoke to each other. There wasn't a waiting salon in the Milan train station and very few seats. In Genoa, we had a first and a second class waiting room. The conductor told us we would be 10-15 min late arriving in Chambery...that meant we'd miss our connection. She was mistaken. We were on time. Thanks to the kindness of a stranger we were assisted in printing out our ticket to travel to Gieres and we made our train. The trip would have been more enjoyable without the ticket hassle.  
  • 0 15