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Carcassonne, a fortified French city

About France

Getting there You can get to Carcassonne from Marseille, Bordeaux and Toulouse. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 07:31 HK$334
From Barcelona 02:22 HK$362
From Lyon 03:16 HK$232
From Marseille 03:06 HK$139
From Bordeaux 02:53 HK$139
From Toulouse 00:41 HK$102
From Montpellier 01:26 HK$186
From Cerbere 02:24 HK$158
From Marmande 02:21 HK$241
From Collioure 02:03 HK$148
From Cahors 02:02 HK$269
From Arles 02:25 HK$223
From Souillac 02:46 HK$343
From Limoges 04:10 HK$371
From Vierzon 05:47 HK$483
From Brive 03:12 HK$381
From Argeles Sur Mer 01:55 HK$139
From Valence 02:42 HK$251
From Gourdon 02:30 HK$353
From Agen 01:48 HK$139
From Villefranche De Lau 00:33 HK$102
From Villenouvelle 00:41 HK$111
From Beziers 00:43 HK$111
From Limoux (localite) 00:30 HK$84
From Narbonne 00:28 HK$93
From Lezignan 00:17 HK$84
From Castelnaudary 00:18 HK$84
From Alet Les Bains 00:45 HK$84
From Couiza Montazels 00:53 HK$84
From Sete 01:09 HK$158
From Montauban 01:10 HK$139
From Bram 00:10 HK$84
From Nimes 01:53 HK$232
From Quillan 01:09 HK$93
From Esperaza 00:57 HK$84
From Perpignan 00:58 HK$139
From Agde 01:03 HK$158
From Les Aubrais Orleans 06:32 HK$594

Getting around From Carcassonne, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Bram 00:12 HK$84
To Lezignan 00:20 HK$84
To Castelnaudary 00:22 HK$84
To Limoux (localite) 00:33 HK$84
To Narbonne 00:36 HK$93
To Villefranche De Lau 00:37 HK$102
To Villenouvelle 00:43 HK$111
To Alet Les Bains 00:43 HK$84
To Couiza Montazels 00:52 HK$84
To Esperaza 00:56 HK$84
To Toulouse 01:13 HK$102
To Beziers 01:54 HK$102
To Collioure 02:17 HK$148
To Agde 02:25 HK$167
To Perpignan 02:26 HK$139
To Gourdon 02:33 HK$269
To Quillan 02:40 HK$93
To Sete 02:42 HK$139
To Souillac 02:50 HK$306
To Nimes 03:13 HK$195
To Valence 03:25 HK$223
To Montauban 03:33 HK$139
To Marmande 03:57 HK$241
To Argeles Sur Mer 04:00 HK$139
To Agen 04:11 HK$139
To Cahors 04:18 HK$186
To Cerbere 04:21 HK$158
To Aix En Provence Tgv 04:47 HK$408
To Arles 05:00 HK$223
To Bordeaux 05:17 HK$139
To Avignon 05:21 HK$223
To Brive 05:26 HK$297
To Montpellier 05:40 HK$158
To Lyon 05:51 HK$186
To Marseille 06:10 HK$139
To Limoges 06:40 HK$325
To Vierzon 06:54 HK$483
To Dijon 07:04 HK$492
To Paris Cdg Airport 07:29 HK$538
To Cannes 07:30 HK$492
To Nice 08:07 HK$427
To Brussels 09:09 HK$1,624
To Les Aubrais Orleans 09:48 HK$455
To Paris 11:05 HK$186

Carcassonne city guide

Carcassonne, a fortified French town

Carcassonne is a fortified town located in the heart of the Toulouse-Montpellier-Perpignan triangle. The town rich of 2000 years if history is home to two UNESCO world heritage sites: the Canal du Midi and the medieval town. Carcassonne is best known for its skyline which is famous in worldwide. The town is located in the plains of the lower valley of Aude and is easily accessible by train from Montpellier.

Start your day by having a breakfast at the Place du Marché in the centre of the Bastide Saint Louis district (the new town). Having made the full of energy, cross the town to the medieval city. You will enter the magnificent walled city through the Porte Narbonnaise. Move along the rampart and visit the Château Comtal and the Basilique Saint Nazaire.

The best way to end your day is to enjoy a boat trip through the Canal du Midi to admire the medieval city. You can also take some time to discover vineyards through their different terroirs: Minervois, Cabardès and Malepère…

Buy a Carca Pass comes at the tourist office. While it includes a guided tour to the mediaeval town, the Bastide Saint Louis and a cruise on the Canal du Midi, you will also benefit from a wine tasting session and numerous discounts in restaurants and shops.

Carcassonne is not much of a shopping destination. Yet as a popular tourist destination, you can find numerous souvenir shops.

Carcassonne Tourist Office
28, rue de Verdun, 11890 Carcassonne
Tel: +33 (0) 468 102 430

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Carcassonne station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Carcassonne.

Carcassonne railway station(s)

Carcassonne Train Station

Carcassonne Train Station

Address: 1 bd Maréchal Joffre 11000 Carcassonne

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 5:15am to 12:15am
Saturday and Sunday: 5:15am to 12:15am
Public holidays: 5:15am to 12:15am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Regional trains (TER).
SNCF rail agents, Tourist office, Facilities for disabled persons, Lost and found, ATM.

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  • "first class?"    
    I was quite baffled by my first class compartment, with its dingy walls, hole in my sleeping bag, left over earplugs on my berth. There were no sheets and the pillow was fit for a toddler. Compared to the local train from Toulouse to Carcassonne, the ride was rough and incedibly noisy. I kept seeing myself on a mechanical bull while trying to go to sleep. I arrived more tired than i'd been at my departure.  
  • "Rail travel and transit"    
    Getting around France by rail is relatively easy, even if you don't speak the language. Just be mindful if you are tagging around with heavy luggage as you have to haul your luggage up and down the stairways. Also, check your confirmed seats to ensure that they are conveniently allocated especially if you are travelling with elderly folks, although most passengers would be graceful to exchange their seats with you. It would be ideal if TGV can extend its line to the airport as it is costly to commute from Lyon Part Dieu to Lyon St Exupery airport.  
  • "Carcasonne to Beziers"    
    Very good service, trains are on time, clean and comfortable. Good bus service from the airport and taxis available outside.