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About France

Getting there You can get to Cannes from Paris CDG Airport, Avignon and Geneva. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 05:05 HK$322
From Nice 00:25 HK$83
From Brussels 07:45 HK$1,306
From Paris Cdg Airport 06:04 HK$938
From Avignon 02:24 HK$138
From Geneva 05:50 HK$542
From Lyon 03:56 HK$230
From Marseille 02:00 HK$221
From Bordeaux 08:17 HK$377
From Toulouse 06:10 HK$184
From Montpellier 03:57 HK$138
From Monaco 00:53 HK$83
From Dijon 05:40 HK$690
From Lille 06:59 HK$1,186
From Ventimiglia 01:20 HK$83
From Aix En Provence Tgv 02:07 HK$239
From Strasbourg 12:50 HK$377
From Mulhouse 11:38 HK$552
From Bellegarde 05:18 HK$883
From Antibes 00:07 HK$83
From Nancy 08:17 HK$377
From Juan Les Pins 00:06 HK$83
From Mandelieu 00:07 HK$83
From Marne La Vallee 05:51 HK$855
From Valence 03:19 HK$230
From Les Arcs 00:35 HK$92
From Eze 00:55 HK$83
From Frejus (localite) 00:33 HK$83
From Cagnes Sur Mer 00:17 HK$83
From Grasse 00:23 HK$83
From Menton (localite) 01:06 HK$92
From Toulon 01:06 HK$147
From St Raphael 00:21 HK$83
From Arles 03:17 HK$239
From Golf Juan 00:04 HK$83
From Carnoles 01:09 HK$92
From Macon 04:42 HK$956

Getting around From Cannes, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Golf Juan 00:06 HK$83
To Mandelieu 00:09 HK$83
To Juan Les Pins 00:10 HK$83
To Theoule Sur Mer 00:11 HK$83
To Antibes 00:14 HK$83
To Cagnes Sur Mer 00:25 HK$83
To Grasse 00:33 HK$83
To St Raphael 00:38 HK$83
To Frejus (localite) 00:43 HK$83
To Nice 00:49 HK$83
To Les Arcs 00:58 HK$83
To Eze 00:59 HK$83
To Monaco 01:07 HK$83
To Toulon 01:22 HK$147
To Ventimiglia 02:04 HK$83
To Marseille 02:11 HK$221
To Aix En Provence Tgv 02:41 HK$239
To Menton (localite) 02:54 HK$92
To Carnoles 03:16 HK$92
To Arles 05:16 HK$359
To Avignon 05:18 HK$138
To Nimes 06:09 HK$395
To Montpellier 06:20 HK$138
To Beziers 06:41 HK$506
To Valence 06:46 HK$230
To Macon 07:18 HK$414
To Carcassonne 07:29 HK$441
To Narbonne 07:32 HK$524
To Dijon 07:52 HK$552
To Lyon 07:55 HK$276
To Bellegarde 08:01 HK$598
To Marne La Vallee 08:03 HK$791
To Paris Cdg Airport 08:16 HK$699
To Toulouse 08:22 HK$331
To Geneva 08:31 HK$542
To Tgv Haute Picardie 08:34 HK$1,204
To Bordeaux 10:32 HK$184
To Bayonne 11:18 HK$791
To Mulhouse 11:57 HK$552
To Biarritz 13:11 HK$975
To Nancy 13:26 HK$561
To Paris 13:41 HK$322
To Lille 14:15 HK$965
To Brussels 14:53 HK$855
To Strasbourg 15:04 HK$469

Cannes city guide

Cannes rolls out the red carpet for you

Sleek, sunny and celebrity-studded, Cannes is a French Riviera city and a curving crescent of beaches, designer shops, Art Deco architecture and weather-beaten pétanque players wedged between the Mediterranean and the back-county hills.

The glamorous side of Cannes can be admired by visiting the "Palais des Festivals et des Congrès" or by being present at its world-famous movie Festival. You can also discover the old town on top of the famous hill of Le "Suquet" where you can visit the ramparts and the Museum de la Castre, ideally housed in the ruins of a medieval castle.

Take the opportunity to appreciate the amazing view over the city, the port, the Croisette and the Lérins Islands. At the foot of the old town, enjoy shopping in the Forville market or in the main artery: the Antibes street.

Finally, go for a walk along the Old Port full of old rigs and yachts.

Cannes station(s)

Trains are convenient way to reach any town and city in Europe. All main towns have a railway station, while major cities have more than two railway stations. Nearly all railway stations are located in the city centre. Check our map to locate railway station(s) in Cannes.


Address: 1,rueJeanJaurès 6400 Cannes


Interactive Rail Map

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Customer reviews

  • "Experience"    
    Unfortunately, during my ride, some teenagers were in the cart, heard loud music or talk loudly. At some point they even smoke in the toilets. The inspector walked only once during the ride inside the cart (although the smoking issued was quickly resolved and the passenger brought down the train at the closest station.  
  • "Just perfect"    
    Panctual, comfortable and the best way to travel....  
  • "Easy Ride"    
    While not as fast as the TVG segment from Brussles to Aix , the ride to Cannes was very comfortable and convenmient with great scenery. The only reason not a five star rating is that someone should let you know about the upper deck seats which would make for an even better view and enjoyment  
  • "Paris to Cannes"    
    My fiance and I enjoyed taking the train from Cannes to Paris and then back again. The train station in Cannes is conveniently located to the center of town and the trip itself was fairly relaxing. At first we were concerned that we didn't not fully understand the announcements being made (our French is not anywhere near fluent!) but with each station clearly marked with signs that were visible from inside the train we made it to Cannes without any problem.  
  • "so not tgv LOL"    
    We expected the air condition comfort of tgv, and got RER _ we made the most of it with the great family atmosphere and chatting to everyone in our compartment - it was hot though - that is life!!  
  • "Great and comfort"    
    Great and perfectly on time.  
  • "Our train got cancelled"    
    And we had to take a TER train instead ! The air conditioning in the cabin was not good!  
  • "Very good trip"    
    Train on time. , I got my reserved seat , restaurant food good .  
  • "Comfort travelling"    
    A great way to travel without the stress you experince with airplanes.  
  • "Norwegian Tourist"    
    Nice trip from Paris to Cannes. Lovely landscape, a good book and excelent food an suddenly we was in Cannes. Don't hesitate to do this journey.  
  • "*"    
    We reached our destination just on time and it was very easy to find a seat on the train. However, the train was so dirty (Seats, windows) and stinky.  
  • "Okay but not very Amerfriendly"    
    Site does not list usa for billing options with credit card, so it was stressful and unnecessary steps to purchase tickets in advance and station could have made it easier for tourist to figure out which trains to get on snd where. Otherwise, great ride and comfortable seats  
  • "Great"    
    Very nice train and friendly working persons.  
  • "Crowded"    
    it was so crowded so i couldn't find a place to sit.  
  • "It’s worth paying more for 1st"    
    We had a great trip to Cannes. With large luggage pieces we felt fortunate to have paid the extra to go 1st class. Since it is a relatively long trip from Paris it was nice having the extra room too.  
  • 0 15