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Bremen, the 10th most populated German city

About Germany

Getting there You can get to Bremen from Cologne, Hamburg and Dusseldorf. Best price and travel duration below.

From Frankfurt 03:31 HK$289
From Berlin 02:58 HK$289
From Munich 05:34 HK$473
From Cologne 02:42 HK$289
From Hamburg 00:54 HK$184
From Dusseldorf 02:18 HK$289
From Nuremberg 04:10 HK$184
From Freiburg 07:09 HK$184
From Hanover 00:57 HK$184
From Bonn 03:29 HK$289
From Osnabruck 00:51 HK$184
From Dortmund 01:49 HK$184
From Leipzig 04:11 HK$289
From Essen 02:11 HK$289

Getting around From Bremen, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Osnabruck 00:55 HK$184
To Hanover 01:04 HK$184
To Hamburg 01:05 HK$184
To Cologne 03:17 HK$289
To Dortmund 03:30 HK$184
To Essen 03:55 HK$184
To Berlin 04:13 HK$289
To Groningen 04:44 HK$333
To Frankfurt 05:29 HK$184
To Dusseldorf 06:18 HK$184
To Bonn 07:22 HK$289
To Nuremberg 08:15 HK$289
To Leipzig 08:40 HK$289
To Freiburg 09:15 HK$289
To Munich 11:18 HK$289
To Dresden 11:52 HK$184
To Basel 12:36 HK$543

While you're there

Bremen, the 10th most populated German city

Bremen is located in northern Germany, on the banks of Weser river and about 60km away from the North sea. Bremen is a thousand year old Hanseatic city, with amazing buildings and landmarks. The city is also a major economic hub where you will find high-tech, science and space companies.

When you are in Bremen, visit the Schlachte Promenade on the River Weser. Discover the full-sized Columbus Space Module of the International Space Station and the Universum Science centre. Have a look at the Dom St Petri cathedral and the Die Bremer Stadmusikanten. Indulge in some shopping in the Böttcherstrasse.

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