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A “Grape” place to taste the good life

About France

Getting there You can get to Bordeaux from Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 03:14 HK$175
From Nice 08:50 HK$175
From Paris Cdg Airport 04:16 HK$324
From Lyon 06:16 HK$263
From Marseille 05:49 HK$175
From Toulouse 02:01 HK$131
From Montpellier 04:16 HK$175
From Lille 05:16 HK$386
From Strasbourg 06:36 HK$447
From La Rochelle 02:05 HK$131
From St Pierre Des Corps 02:34 HK$175
From Lucon 02:47 HK$333
From Limoges 02:48 HK$289
From Hendaye 02:22 HK$245
From Brive 02:19 HK$263
From Lourdes 02:29 HK$131
From Siorac En Perigord 02:25 HK$202
From Sarlat 02:28 HK$237
From Guethary 02:07 HK$289
From Futuroscope 01:58 HK$228
From Biarritz 01:56 HK$228
From Poitiers 01:53 HK$219
From Tremolat 01:49 HK$184
From Le Buisson 01:58 HK$193
From Pau 02:02 HK$245
From St Jean De Luz 02:10 HK$237
From Tarbes 02:53 HK$131
From Thiviers 02:03 HK$228
From Chatellerault 02:14 HK$245
From Massy 03:29 HK$324
From Clermont Ferrand 06:39 HK$464
From Lorient 06:15 HK$456
From Vannes 05:34 HK$421
From Arles 05:27 HK$421
From Toulon 06:59 HK$622
From Les Arcs 07:36 HK$657
From Antibes 08:30 HK$561
From Cannes 08:18 HK$175
From St Raphael 07:53 HK$666
From Louvigny 05:23 HK$833
From Arras 05:11 HK$824
From Beziers 03:44 HK$175
From Soulac Mer (loc) 01:47 HK$149
From Narbonne 03:28 HK$175
From La Roche Sur Yon 03:19 HK$131
From Marne La Vallee 04:03 HK$403
From Nantes 04:06 HK$175
From Nimes 04:58 HK$175
From Champagne-ardenne 04:43 HK$342
From Sete 04:12 HK$429
From Carcassonne 02:58 HK$131
From Rochefort 01:45 HK$88
From Castillon 00:43 HK$88
From Montendre 00:43 HK$88
From Ychoux 00:40 HK$114
From Gujan Mestras 00:40 HK$79
From Arcachon 00:39 HK$79
From St Seurin Sur Li 00:44 HK$105
From Jonzac 00:47 HK$123
From Tonneins 00:56 HK$140
From Morcenx 00:55 HK$158
From Montpon 00:51 HK$123
From Labouheyre 00:48 HK$131
From Marmande 00:38 HK$105
From St Emilion 00:36 HK$79
From Bruges Gironde 00:26 HK$79
From Langon 00:26 HK$79
From Libourne 00:23 HK$79
From Facture 00:22 HK$79
From Cerons 00:18 HK$79
From Podensac 00:27 HK$79
From Barsac 00:33 HK$79
From La Reole 00:36 HK$96
From Le Teich 00:35 HK$79
From Coutras 00:35 HK$88
From La Teste 00:34 HK$88
From Saint Foy La Grande 00:59 HK$123
From Chalais 01:00 HK$123
From Ruffec 01:28 HK$175
From St Vincent De Tyr 01:36 HK$245
From Lesparre 01:28 HK$114
From Mont De Marsan 01:25 HK$202
From Perigueux 01:24 HK$184
From Orthez 01:38 HK$210
From Puyoo 01:39 HK$245
From Bayonne 01:44 HK$219
From Lalinde 01:41 HK$175
From St Savinien Sur C 01:40 HK$202
From Montauban 01:40 HK$131
From Bergerac 01:16 HK$140
From Saintes 01:15 HK$175
From Aiguillon 01:04 HK$158
From Mussidan 01:03 HK$140
From Angouleme 01:02 HK$158
From Agen 01:02 HK$149
From Gardonne 01:06 HK$131
From Dax 01:09 HK$175
From Pauillac 01:13 HK$88
From St Astier 01:12 HK$167
From Pons 01:10 HK$140
From Montmoreau 01:09 HK$149
From Pessac 00:05 HK$79

Getting around From Bordeaux, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Pessac 00:07 HK$79
To Bruges Gironde 00:26 HK$79
To St Andre De Cubza 00:29 HK$79
To Facture 00:30 HK$79
To Podensac 00:31 HK$79
To Cerons 00:34 HK$79
To St Emilion 00:37 HK$79
To Barsac 00:38 HK$79
To Libourne 00:41 HK$79
To Langon 00:48 HK$79
To St Savinien Sur C 01:42 HK$202
To Tremolat 02:07 HK$184
To Futuroscope 02:30 HK$228
To Chalais 02:30 HK$123
To Le Teich 02:34 HK$79
To Montmoreau 02:39 HK$149
To St Seurin Sur Li 02:49 HK$105
To Gujan Mestras 02:57 HK$79
To Ychoux 03:04 HK$96
To Coutras 03:05 HK$79
To La Teste 03:05 HK$79
To La Reole 03:07 HK$96
To Arcachon 03:10 HK$79
To Labouheyre 03:12 HK$114
To Mussidan 03:12 HK$140
To Pauillac 03:18 HK$88
To Marmande 03:18 HK$105
To Morcenx 03:24 HK$131
To Montendre 03:29 HK$88
To Angouleme 03:29 HK$158
To Tonneins 03:30 HK$123
To Massy 03:31 HK$324
To Saint Foy La Grande 03:32 HK$96
To Dax 03:35 HK$175
To Aiguillon 03:38 HK$131
To Gardonne 03:40 HK$105
To Puyoo 03:41 HK$245
To Jonzac 03:45 HK$123
To St Vincent De Tyr 03:46 HK$202
To Mont De Marsan 03:50 HK$202
To Bergerac 03:51 HK$123
To Ruffec 03:52 HK$175
To Soulac Mer (loc) 03:53 HK$149
To Agen 03:56 HK$149
To Perigueux 03:57 HK$149
To Pons 03:58 HK$140
To Lesparre 03:59 HK$114
To Thiviers 04:00 HK$228
To Chatellerault 04:02 HK$245
To Marne La Vallee 04:06 HK$324
To Poitiers 04:11 HK$219
To Hendaye 04:13 HK$237
To Saintes 04:15 HK$175
To Pau 04:17 HK$228
To Bayonne 04:20 HK$210
To Paris Cdg Airport 04:22 HK$324
To Lalinde 04:22 HK$167
To St Jean De Luz 04:22 HK$228
To Biarritz 04:30 HK$210
To Montauban 04:32 HK$131
To Guethary 04:37 HK$237
To Le Buisson 04:39 HK$193
To Rochefort 04:40 HK$88
To Limoges 04:42 HK$289
To Sarlat 04:46 HK$228
To St Pierre Des Corps 04:48 HK$175
To Brive 04:50 HK$263
To Lourdes 04:58 HK$131
To Toulouse 05:03 HK$131
To La Rochelle 05:10 HK$131
To Orthez 05:14 HK$175
To Paris 05:20 HK$175
To Lucon 05:23 HK$333
To Castelnaudary 05:31 HK$219
To Carcassonne 05:52 HK$131
To La Roche Sur Yon 05:55 HK$131
To Champagne-ardenne 06:21 HK$377
To Narbonne 06:24 HK$175
To Beziers 06:26 HK$175
To Tarbes 06:36 HK$131
To Nantes 06:39 HK$228
To Lille 06:50 HK$386
To Sete 06:50 HK$263
To Nimes 06:50 HK$175
To Redon 07:15 HK$351
To Louvigny 07:23 HK$815
To Arras 07:36 HK$876
To Brussels 07:39 HK$429
To Arles 08:05 HK$316
To Avignon 08:08 HK$254
To Quimper 08:17 HK$307
To Clermont Ferrand 08:33 HK$464
To Marseille 08:50 HK$175
To Strasbourg 08:51 HK$447
To Lorient 09:08 HK$263
To Toulon 09:12 HK$280
To Vannes 09:20 HK$175
To Montpellier 09:23 HK$175
To Lyon 09:39 HK$351
To Dijon 09:41 HK$754
To Les Arcs 09:46 HK$657
To Gannat 09:49 HK$500
To Macon 10:26 HK$859
To Cannes 10:27 HK$351
To Antibes 10:38 HK$684
To Nice 10:58 HK$175

While you're there

Bordeaux, gateway to vineyards

Bordeaux is located in the heart of the Aquitaine region and is only 3 hours away by TGV from Paris. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, it is the epicurean French destination par excellence. Bordeaux has over a hundred thousand hectares of vineyards and 10,000 grape growers. The city produces large quantities as well as some of the most expensive wines in the world. From Bordeaux, you can take the train to Saint Emilion, one of the world’s most famous vineyards, or opt for a guided tour in a vineyard to taste one of the famous vintage wines of Margaux, Pauillac or Saint-Julien.

Have a walk along the Quais de la Garonne overlooked by the harmonious 18th century façades. Continue to the cathedral Saint-André and the nearby Pey-Berland tower for a panorama over the city. In the evening, have a drink in the Allées de Tourny with a view over the Grand Théâtre. There are two public parks in Bordeaux where you can relax - Jardin botanique de Bordeaux and Jardin botanique de la Bastide. Nature lovers should visit the Bassin d’Arcachon to enjoy a moment of pure bliss on top of its Dune du Pyla (Europe’s highest sand dune) which has an imposing view over the Atlantic Ocean.

Take a break on a terrasse in the quartier Saint-Pierre to sample some of the finest wines together with a Magret de canard and a cannelé (local pastry).

Bordeaux has a wealth of luxury stores which are located in the Golden Triangle, within, Cours de l’Intendance, Cours Georges Clemenceau and Allées de Tourny.

Bordeaux Tourist Office
Rue Ch. Domercq, 33800 Bordeaux
Tel: +33 (0)5 56 91 64 70

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Bordeaux can be found.

Bordeaux railway station(s)

Bordeaux St-Jean Train Station

Bordeaux St-Jean Train Station

Address: Rue Charles Domercq 33800 Bordeaux

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 4am to 2:30am
Saturday and Sunday: 4am to 1am
Public holidays: 4am to 1am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (TGV), Regional trains (TER)
SNCF rail agents, Assistance for disabled persons and junior travellers, Lost and found, Police station, Tourist Information Point, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

Learn more

Bordeaux Raviezies

Address: 160 Avenue Aristide Briand 33110 Le Bouscat


Interactive Rail Map

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Customer reviews

  • "Good value for money "    
    Good value for money and time saving. But the platform schedule showed 25 minutes before the train depart made foreign tourists panic!  
  • "comfortable seat and service "    
    TGV offers very comfortable seat and good service, and it is very convenient booking online from oversea. we quite enjoy this trip.  
  • "Easy and Cheap"    
    I got my online ticket months before my trip so it was cheap. And printing tickets at home is amazing. I showed my A4 size paper ticket, the officers checked it with a device. They were polite. We had no problem. Thank you  
  • "Disappointed"    
    The train was fine; However there was not enough room for luggage and also on the trip from Bordeuax to Paris, the bar was not open; On a Saturday, I do not understand why, with a first class ticket, I can not get a glass of wine on a 4 hour train ride  
  • "Travelling France via Rail"    
    It was a pleasant journey in general. We appreciated the speed of the train. Yet, we hope the hygiene of the toilets could be improved. On our journey from Marseilles to Bordeaux, all the toilets on the train was extremely filthy. It was a long journey and we needed to go to toilet quite often. Thanks for reading my review. Carol  
  • "Comfort and convenience "    
    we dropped the car off in Bordeaux before heading back to Paris. Great trip, convenient and comfortable. One tip though, take your own food and drink. Buying on the train is expensive. Otherwise no complaints. Would definitely do it again.  
  • "Visit to Bordeaux"    
    The ticket machines at the station would not print our tickets either way but the ticket office printed them without question. The 2nd class seating was comfortable and the TGV speedy except it was late leaving both Paris and Bordeaux (20 mins each time).  
  • "The TGV Service is great"    
    Travel by TGV beats flying or driving any day  
  • "trip from bordeaux to paris"    
    we enjoyed very much the trip. it was quite, smooth and comfortable  
  • "Ease and Comfort"    
    TGV is the way to go when getting around France - convenient, always precisely on time, clean, comfortable and quick - a very relaxing way to travel. It beats air or car hands down.  
  • "Comments"    
    I liked how efficient and friendly the TGV service was, when I asked for help in getting to the right carriage and seat. What might have made it even more memorable was in knowing that there was a meal cart where my friends and I could lounge during the journey. I only discovered this by chance when I went to the bathroom.  
  • "Good"    
    This is good for my trip to meander inter-cities in France. But since many tourists take it the fundamental tool to design their trips, more room for their luggages will be appreciated. Thanks!  
  • "Well done!"    
    The TGV was very comfortable and the assiatance personnel at Bordeaux were very courteous.  
  • "Carriage Numbering"    
    Carefull about coach numbering- if your'e waiting at the engine end for #1 1st class, esp on a combined train, you may well find its the last carriage, and if like me, by the time you realise, there isn't enough time to make it down there, you'll end up jumping on in the middle carriages , 2nd class , and if you're lucky, find a seat.  
  • "nice trip"    
    We had a nice and relaxing trip by train, hope to do it again soon.  
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