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Bonn, Beethoven’s native city

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Getting there You can get to Bonn from Zuerich, Koeln and Stuttgart. Best price and travel duration below.

From Frankfurt 01:43 HK$218
From Berlin 04:40 HK$356
From Muenchen 05:32 HK$402
From Zuerich 05:42 HK$290
From Koeln 00:17 HK$126
From Stuttgart 03:05 HK$334
From Luxembourg 03:00 HK$632
From Hamburg 04:00 HK$334
From Duesseldorf 00:43 HK$202
From Nuernberg 04:13 HK$334
From Hannover 03:01 HK$334
From Mannheim 02:03 HK$334
From Bremen 03:28 HK$334
From Linz 07:25 HK$1,460
From Koblenz 00:29 HK$142
From Wolfsburg 03:35 HK$518
From Bingen 02:18 HK$290
From Mainz 01:22 HK$218

Getting around From Bonn, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Koeln 00:21 HK$126
To Koblenz 01:04 HK$142
To Duesseldorf 01:04 HK$202
To Bingen 02:30 HK$218
To Mainz 02:58 HK$218
To Frankfurt 03:38 HK$218
To Mannheim 04:15 HK$218
To Hannover 05:16 HK$334
To Stuttgart 05:23 HK$334
To Nuernberg 05:43 HK$218
To Basel 06:40 HK$972
To Bremen 07:07 HK$334
To Muenchen 07:48 HK$334
To Hamburg 07:59 HK$334
To Berlin 08:09 HK$356
To Zuerich 08:13 HK$290
To Wolfsburg 09:11 HK$218
To Linz 12:01 HK$1,122

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Bonn, Beethoven’s native city

Famously known for being the birthplace of Beethoven, Bonn is today a modern, lively and cosmopolitan city. It is located on the banks of the Rhine, in western Germany. Bonn is one of the oldest German cities and home to several landmarks.

Start by walking around in the historic town centre. There are over 20 museums and great landmarks to visit in the vicinity. If you are visiting Bonn, you have without doubt an attraction for art and culture. Discover the birthplace of world famous composer, Ludwig van Beethoven. Another great thing to do when you are in Bonn, is to take a boat trip on the Rhine. It is perfect way to get a view of the city and its scenic landscape.

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