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Berlin, capital of Germany

About Germany

Getting there You can get to Berlin from Munich, Zurich and Prague. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 12:27 HK$264
From Amsterdam 06:14 HK$447
From Frankfurt 04:12 HK$301
From Munich 06:13 HK$301
From Zurich 11:37 HK$264
From Prague 04:36 HK$739
From Vienna 09:44 HK$264
From Interlaken 09:30 HK$1,815
From Budapest 11:50 HK$264
From Basel 07:12 HK$264
From Salzburg 12:43 HK$264
From Cologne 04:18 HK$301
From Copenhagen 06:45 HK$1,386
From Bern 08:27 HK$1,897
From Stuttgart 05:12 HK$301
From Hamburg 01:43 HK$301
From Dusseldorf 04:12 HK$301
From Dresden 02:04 HK$191
From Warsaw 05:06
From Nuremberg 04:51 HK$301
From Heidelberg 05:01 HK$556
From Freiburg 06:31 HK$191
From Malmo 13:40 HK$739
From Hanover 01:35 HK$301
From Mannheim 04:27 HK$301
From Bonn 04:41 HK$447
From Karlsruhe 04:55 HK$301
From Bremen 03:12 HK$401
From Aachen 05:41 HK$191
From Utrecht 06:17 HK$27
From Brno 07:36 HK$967
From Olten 07:59 HK$1,514
From Minsk 15:28 HK$1,304
From Moscow 24:10 HK$1,559
From Arhus 06:31 HK$1,350
From Ulm 06:12 HK$547
From Amersfoort 05:38 HK$1,167
From Baden Baden 05:43 HK$702
From Offenburg 05:58 HK$492
From Horsens 06:03 HK$1,268
From Koblenz 05:21 HK$611
From Duisburg 03:55 HK$301
From Hildesheim 01:51 HK$301
From Erfurt 01:49 HK$301
From Dessau 01:37 HK$255
From Naumburg Saale 01:53 HK$191
From Rostock 02:00 HK$191
From Weimar 02:20 HK$301
From Goettingen 02:17 HK$301
From Greifswald 02:16 HK$191
From Pasewalk 01:29 HK$191
From Braunschweig 01:26 HK$191
From Bitterfeld 00:58 HK$191
From Wittenberge 00:50 HK$191
From Stendal 00:44 HK$191
From Wolfsburg 01:04 HK$191
From Halle Saale 01:13 HK$191
From Magdeburg 01:23 HK$191
From Leipzig 01:15 HK$191
From Eisenach 02:23 HK$191
From Bielefeld 02:26 HK$301
From Rheine 03:40 HK$301
From Hagen 03:31 HK$301
From Bochum 03:31 HK$301
From Essen 03:43 HK$301
From Bad Bentheim 03:54 HK$191
From Hanau 03:56 HK$301
From Lutherstadt 00:40 HK$191
From Konin 03:26 HK$410
From Dortmund 03:18 HK$301
From Hamm Westf 02:55 HK$301
From Stralsund 02:33 HK$191
From Minden 02:33 HK$301
From Osnabruck 02:58 HK$301
From Decin 03:04 HK$492
From Fulda 03:14 HK$301
From Kiel 03:13 HK$401
From Kutno 04:04

Getting around From Berlin, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Wittenberge 00:57 HK$191
To Lutherstadt 01:15 HK$191
To Magdeburg 01:55 HK$191
To Dessau 02:18 HK$191
To Stendal 02:27 HK$191
To Pasewalk 02:29 HK$191
To Bitterfeld 02:57 HK$191
To Braunschweig 03:07 HK$191
To Hamburg 03:09 HK$301
To Halle Saale 03:12 HK$191
To Hildesheim 03:17 HK$301
To Leipzig 03:21 HK$191
To Bremen 04:19 HK$301
To Kutno 04:27 HK$438
To Rostock 04:29 HK$91
To Naumburg Saale 04:31 HK$191
To Lubeck 04:35 HK$191
To Hanover 04:42 HK$301
To Kiel 04:50 HK$191
To Bielefeld 04:53 HK$301
To Prague 04:55 HK$356
To Dortmund 05:02 HK$301
To Weimar 05:04 HK$301
To Erfurt 05:21 HK$301
To Hamm Westf 05:26 HK$301
To Kolding 05:28 HK$1,432
To Minden 05:29 HK$301
To Amersfoort 06:02 HK$1,167
To Bochum 06:10 HK$301
To Essen 06:18 HK$191
To Duisburg 06:32 HK$301
To Dusseldorf 06:47 HK$301
To Flensburg(de) 06:51 HK$301
To Wolfsburg 06:53 HK$191
To Copenhagen 07:02 HK$1,386
To Oberhausen 07:03 HK$301
To Fulda 07:11 HK$301
To Cologne 07:12 HK$191
To Eisenach 07:32 HK$301
To Osnabruck 07:39 HK$301
To Malmo 07:41 HK$1,514
To Hanau 07:44 HK$301
To Greifswald 07:51 HK$191
To Riesa 08:03 HK$191
To Frankfurt 08:05 HK$301
To Stralsund 08:06 HK$191
To Karlsruhe 08:11 HK$301
To Brno 08:22 HK$967
To Olten 08:28 HK$1,514
To Brussels 08:32 HK$857
To Chemnitz 08:35 HK$191
To Goettingen 08:35 HK$301
To Mannheim 08:40 HK$301
To Dresden 08:42 HK$191
To Hagen 08:48 HK$301
To Rheine 08:54 HK$191
To Stuttgart 09:02 HK$301
To Bern 09:05 HK$1,897
To Koblenz 09:15 HK$301
To Utrecht 09:16 HK$36
To Bad Bentheim 09:24 HK$301
To Offenburg 09:50 HK$301
To Bonn 09:52 HK$301
To Heidelberg 09:54 HK$301
To Arhus 09:57 HK$1,350
To Horsens 09:57 HK$1,268
To Interlaken 10:00 HK$1,815
To Nykoebing 10:05 HK$1,359
To Ulm 10:11 HK$301
To Aachen 10:18 HK$301
To Freiburg 10:21 HK$301
To Bamberg 10:34 HK$301
To Nuremberg 10:34 HK$191
To Metz 10:41 HK$1,696
To Baden Baden 10:47 HK$301
To Augsburg 10:50 HK$301
To Erlangen 11:08 HK$191
To Basel 11:17 HK$264
To Munich 11:23 HK$301
To Lichtenfels 11:26 HK$301
To Trier 12:25 HK$301
To Paris 13:16 HK$584
To Zurich 13:33 HK$264
To Krakow 14:01 HK$1,459
To Salzburg 14:10 HK$264
To Budapest 14:13 HK$629
To Innsbruck 15:00 HK$1,541
To Amsterdam 15:26 HK$447
To Vienna 17:28 HK$264
To Moscow 24:55 HK$1,733

While you're there

Berlin, capital of Germany

Berlin is the capital of Germany and also its largest city. It is located in the northeast of the country and is home to more than 4 million people. Did you know that Berlin is 9 times bigger than Paris and has 1,700 bridges, more than Venice?

After the World War II, the city was divided into two parts surrounded by the Berlin Wall. In 1989 the wall was destroyed, followed by the German reunification in 1990. As a result, Berlin regained its status as the capital of Germany. Having bounced back confidently from 20th century division, Berlin is has become one of Europe’s most exciting destinations.

Today Berlin, home to a multicultural population, is a city of culture, media, science and creativity.

Don’t miss the magnificent view of the city from the top of the iconic Fernsehturm (television tower), a lazy walk in the Tiergarten and an enriching visit of the Pergamon Museum, the Reichstag building and the Brandenburg gate.

The cityscape of Berlin is still changing today. However visitors can still find landmarks in relation to events from the past. History amateurs will be keen to discover the Checkpoint Charlie and a segment of the Berlin Wall, reminders of a city which has been marked by the cold war.

Culture enthusiasts will be delighted by the art of the Old Masters, present-day paintings or avant-garde design of tomorrow, classical opera, musical or pop concert, sophisticated theatre or the variety shows. Highlights are the Unter den Linden National Opera and the Deutsche Opera.

Drop in one of the many restaurants which offer different cuisines - From Berliner specialities such as Currywurst (curried sausage), Buletten (meatballs) to award-winning cuisine, Australian cuisine, French cuisine and Asian dishes, you have a wide variety of choice.

Head to the Friedrichstraße, one of the major arteries of the capital which as a wide choice of shopping opportunities. The adjoining passage Quartier 206 is one of the most beautiful shopping addresses in Berlin where fashion addicts will find famous labels such as Cerruti, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

Berlin Tourist Office
Europaplatz, Berlin 10557
Tel: +49 (0)30 25 00 23 33

The city’s tourist office has a helpful personnel, insider information and tips as well as handy maps and brochures. The city’s tourist office also arranges tours and excursions and is a focal point for local accommodation.

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Train station(s)

Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Berlin can be found.

Berlin railway station(s)

Berlin Hauptbahnhof Train Station

Berlin Hauptbahnhof Train Station

Address: Invalidenstrasse 10557 Berlin

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 6am to 12am

Trains operating in and from this station:
High speed trains (ICE), InterCity, Regional trains (RegionalExpress, RegionalBahn and S-Bahn trains)
DB rail agents, Assistance for disabled persons and junior travellers, Lost and found, Police station, Tourist Information Point, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

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Berlin-Schönefeld Flughafen Train Station

Berlin-Schönefeld Flughafen Train Station

Address: Flughafen Schönefeld 12527 Berlin

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 6am to 12am

Trains operating in and from this station:
InterCity trains
Rail agents, Assistance for disabled persons and junior travellers, Lost and found, Police station, Tourist Information Point, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins.

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Berlin Charlott

Address: Lewishamstraße 10627 Berlin

Berlin Lichtenbe.

Address: Weitlingstraße 22 10317 Berlin

Berlin Ostbf

Address: Koppenstraße 3 10243 Berlin

Berlin Spandau

Address: Klosterstraße 2 13581 Berlin

Berlin Wannsee.

Address: Kronprinzessinnenweg 250 14109 Berlin

Berlin Zoologisc.

Address: Jebensstraße 24 10623 Berlin


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Customer reviews

  • "Quite Lovely "    
    I booked this train to enjoy an overnight train journey in our own personal cabin. I loved having our personal shower, WC, and breakfast-in-bed service. I'd love to travel on this again. Completely worth the price.  
  • "very good"    
    I've seen better but it was a good experience and we went on well with the other people. Only problem when some men knocked on the door very late in the night and very loud, as a kind of a joke I presume, but not really for all of us.  
  • "Night line Berlin - Amsterdam"    
    bads wasn't as expected. should be better. Breakfast was poor. can take care of some coffee corner for the night. I expected much more for the money I paid.  
  • "Very bad"    
    We left 25 minutes late, we were bitten by fleas. VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.  
  • "Amazing"    
    It was a very very nice experienced traveling by train across the sea. Train was comfortable, staff very friendly, and most of all at the ferry it was very excitied. If anyone have a good time try eurotrain unquestionable.  
  • "Need more clear signages"    
    Overall, it's still easy to find your right train inside the station (except the coach no.) The arrival time is quite on time and it's just few minutes delay which it will be informed to passengers in advance when you are on the platform and waiting for the train. However, we have difficulties in figuring out how to locate the exact coach no. because it's not really easy to find our coach on the poster shown in the platform as well as it's hardly find a DB assistant to ask around. When we found out that we are not standing in front of the right coach (which we think we did), we have to carry our luggages and then run run run on the platform to get to the right coach  
  • "A nice and safe night train"    
    We are in a room with a pair of old and a pair of young couple, the room door can be locked at night, feeling safe. It would be better if the lower bed have more space with the middle bed so can sit more comfortable.  
  • "ICE experience Hamburg-Berlin"    
    Train to Berlin was 1 hour late? Surprising, thought they ran like clockwork. Information about late trains confusing, customer service queues too long. Not enough large baggage storage on train. Found rail ticket expensive for what is offered  
  • "Sleeper Cars"    
    This train was very first experience in sleeper cars. A little concerned that I got woken up when someone else got on in the middle of the night, but I guess that cannot be avoided. The train attendant that was there when I got on was wonderful, but the older gentleman that came on for the day was gumpy, unhelpful, and put me off at the wrong station  
  • "It was OK"    
    It was ok can't compliant anymore because of the fair price offer. Just one thing, the train didn't stop at "Berlin HBF" station and I didn't receive any notice before, as i've never been to Berlin before (even other places in Germany), when i got on the train i gave my ticket to the staff to confirm it was the right one, but i just noted the train wasn't stop at that station until I asked, it made me a bit anxious but luckily other passengers told me how to go. Therefore, it would be more nice to have updated info beforehand, or just let the staff remind the passengers again on the train. Thanks!  
  • "Travelling in the couchette "    
    I would like to share my impressions from this 12 hour trip in the couchette from Berlin Hbf to Zurich Hbf. We had originally Eurail Pass for two in 1st class, however, all sleeping compartments in 1st and 2nd class were already taken when I booked our seats in the sleeping compartment. However, from Basel to Zurich there were many free cabins in the 1st and 2nd class wagons. All we wanted was to have a quiet place to sit and have our breakfast with our own food, since both of us are vegan. We were not allowed to sit in these compartments and were treated very rudely. The restaurant was very expensive and services were very unfriendly as well. It was sad since this was our last and farewell travel before leaving to Thailand (land of smiles and politeness) and the first time for my husband in Europe.  
  • "GOOD"    
    Not too expensive, simple straight forward travelling. Food was well valued and luckily for us we had an empty cabin so it was a very relaxing journey  
  • "family travel to hamburg"    
    we traveled from berlin to hamburg, some on took our seat and after speaking with the instructor on the train we got our place back. the train arrived on time and the seats where comfortable the price is a bit high almost like a flight wish the price was a bit lower.  
  • "Berlin/Copenhagen via Hamburg"    
    This was a fabulous trip. Train was more than comfy and excellent service was also on train. I thought it was value for money and when we got to Hamburg there was someone on the station to tell us where to catch the next train to Copenhagen. Husband and I wanted to see a bit of the German/Danish countryside and it was all in our expectations. We will be travelling one day again on the rail europe trains - done so before in Italy and Paris. Recommend pushing for reservation sales as some people were standing up for hours.  
  • "Fault in the comfort"    
    The only fault was that there was no WIFI even in the First class also. I feel that when one is travelling away from home (especially as a a foreign tourist ) one likes to send instant messages and photographs to their loved ones.Railjet had this facility while travelling from Vienna to Munich.  
  • 0 15