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Augsburg, a city located on the German Romantic Road

About Germany

Getting there You can get to Augsburg from Berlin, Munich and Salzburg. Best price and travel duration below.

From Paris 05:35 HK$254
From Amsterdam 10:02 HK$254
From Frankfurt 03:03 HK$289
From Berlin 06:49 HK$473
From Munich 00:27 HK$131
From Salzburg 02:15 HK$500
From Cologne 03:55 HK$289
From Stuttgart 01:40 HK$184
From Dusseldorf 04:25 HK$289
From Nuremberg 01:06 HK$184
From Heidelberg 02:26 HK$289
From Mannheim 02:21 HK$289
From Fussen 01:44 HK$210
From Karlsruhe 02:25 HK$289
From Mainz 03:13 HK$289
From Duisburg 04:40 HK$289
From Oberstdorf 01:48 HK$184
From Kaufering 00:37 HK$79
From Kaufbeuren 00:30 HK$131
From Gunzburg 00:29 HK$123
From Ulm 00:41 HK$184
From Kempten 00:53 HK$184
From Buchloe 00:19 HK$79
From Memmingen 01:16 HK$184
From Rosenheim 01:12 HK$184
From Wurzburg 01:53 HK$272

Getting around From Augsburg, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Munich 00:50 HK$131
To Buchloe 00:57 HK$79
To Kaufering 01:07 HK$79
To Kaufbeuren 01:12 HK$131
To Gunzburg 01:18 HK$123
To Ulm 01:21 HK$184
To Kempten 01:26 HK$184
To Memmingen 01:51 HK$184
To Rosenheim 01:56 HK$184
To Nuremberg 02:20 HK$184
To Fussen 02:36 HK$210
To Stuttgart 03:15 HK$184
To Heidelberg 04:00 HK$289
To Mannheim 04:07 HK$289
To Lichtenfels 04:21 HK$184
To Frankfurt 04:25 HK$289
To Karlsruhe 04:40 HK$289
To Strasbourg 05:08 HK$727
To Wurzburg 05:29 HK$184
To Cologne 06:03 HK$289
To Saalfeld 06:13 HK$289
To Mainz 06:32 HK$289
To Oberstdorf 06:46 HK$184
To Dusseldorf 07:31 HK$289
To Leipzig 07:41 HK$184
To Duisburg 07:50 HK$184
To Paris 10:04 HK$342
To Amsterdam 18:41 HK$254

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Augsburg, a city located on the German Romantic Road

Augsburg is the 3rd largest city in the Bavaria region, and one of the oldest cities in Germany. It is located on the Romantic Road of Germany, which goes through regions and cities possessing a unique German culture and scenery.

Augsburg is a popular destination for culture tourism. You can visit many places of interest such as the Augsburger Puppenkiste marionette theatre, the Fuggerei social housing complex, the Renaissance City Hall and the Cathedral. Past personalities like Fugger and Welser, Mozart, Bertold Brecht and Rudolf Diesel have a close connection to the city of Augsburg.

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