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Arezzo, an Italian city located in Tuscany

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Getting there You can get to Arezzo from Florence, Naples and Bologna. Best price and travel duration below.

From Rome 02:08 HK$230
From Venice 03:12 HK$326
From Milan 04:10 HK$402
From Florence 00:33 HK$105
From Naples 04:22 HK$393
From Bologna 01:23 HK$201
From Perugia 00:55 HK$96
From Trieste 05:25 HK$441
From Orvieto 01:04 HK$134
From Assisi 01:22 HK$134
From Modena 02:10 HK$230
From Terontola 00:20 HK$77

Getting around From Arezzo, you can travel to nearby cities and towns. Best price and travel duration below.

To Terontola 00:23 HK$77
To Florence 00:36 HK$105
To Perugia 00:52 HK$96
To Orvieto 01:06 HK$134
To Assisi 01:12 HK$134
To Bologna 02:10 HK$201
To Rome 02:18 HK$230
To Modena 02:33 HK$230
To Venice 03:24 HK$326
To Naples 04:29 HK$393
To Milan 04:43 HK$402
To Trieste 05:44 HK$441

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Arezzo, an Italian city located in Tuscany

Arezzo is located in the Tuscany region, in Italy. It about 80 kilometres away from the city of Florence. Arezzo is the perfect place to make a voyage in the past thanks to its numerous monuments and churches.

The first thing that will strike you about Arezzo is its location, on the top of a hill and at the junction of four valleys. Discover the church of San Francesco, its beautiful Piazza Grande and the Medicean Fortress. Visit the Cathedral dedicated to San Donato and have a close look at the Roman Amphitheatre.

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