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For groups of more than 10 people, Rail Europe’s Group Department offers a full service rail experience, assisting over 400,000 travellers a year. Our specialists can answer all of your questions to make sure your journey starts off on the right track.

Groups benefit from:

  • Our multi-lingual staff offers support worldwide and makes booking rail easy and affordable
  • Competitive rates on train tickets and rail passes
  • Discounts on everything from city transport cards to museum passes
  • Advance reservations for seats, sleepers, couchettes, and other amenities
  • Exclusive luggage handling, offered only to groups of 10 or more

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Special Services for Groups

Your Very Own Train Car

For a more personalised travel experience (or a preference for privacy), we can arrange for exclusive First or Second Class train cars. In addition, corporate branding opportunities, meet & greet services and on-board entertainment options are available.

Luggage Service

Your group can relax and enjoy their journey in comfort and style while we take care of their luggage, ensuring that it arrives as quickly as they do.

Luggage service can be arranged between London and Paris or Brussels or within France, Italy, Switzerland and Norway.

Charter an Entire Train

If an exclusive train car isn’t enough for your group, how about the entire train? That’s right. You can actually charter an entire train for your group’s sole use. That’s one way to show you’ve gone all the way for them before they’ve even left the station.

On-Board Catering

Sit back and enjoy local European flavours, served right at your seat. On most trains, we can organise a meal of regional cuisine to be served on the way to your destination. French boeuf bourgignon, Spanish paella, Italian risotto... all on board.

All Groups Welcome

Let us help you with your specific group. We have arranged travel for all groups big and small including:

  • Corporate Incentives
  • Pre and Post Cruise Excursions
  • Study Abroad Programs
  • Faith Based Travel
  • Performing Arts
  • Social and Sports Events...and many more!