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Welcome to Europe! It’s a long way from home but Europe is waiting for you with open arms and Rail Europe can help you plan your perfect European train trip.

We can give you access to over 15,000 European destinations and we can find you the best deals for all of the big train operators, such as the Eurostar, Thalys, TGV, the Spanish Renfe, NTV and Trenitalia.

Where can I go?

We can help you reach 15,000 destinations in Europe, and 28 countries, so it’s really up to you. To give you an idea, why not consider one of our Rail Passes. If you are visiting Scandinavia, for example, we have a Eurail Scandinavia Pass, which allows you to travel by train through Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. You could be shopping in Copenhagen one day and a couple of days later sitting in a hot tub watching the Northern Lights in Norway.
The Eurail Scandinavia Pass gives you two months to travel these wonderful countries with ten travelling days, offering flexibility and freedom. We have train travel in Europe covered, and can help you plan and book the best journey right now.

Tickets and Passes

For value train tickets are great if you are only making a couple of journeys by train. You may have family in Rome but want to visit Venice one weekend. But if you are making more journeys by train, then our Rail Passes will give more flexibility and will save you money.
Our Eurail Passes are perfect for you as they have been designed for people who have permanent residency outside Europe, The Russian Federation and Turkey.
We have single country passes, so if you are travelling in Spain from Madrid to Seville and then to Barcelona and Valencia, our Spain Pass will help you explore on the Spanish Renfe.
We also have other passes so you can visit a group of countries, for example with our Eurail France-Italy Pass or Eurail France-Switzerland Pass.
The Eurail Select Pass gives unlimited travel through three, four or five bordering countries, and you can use all the different national train operators without any hassle. So you could see Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland all on one trip. Our Eurail Global Pass is the most flexible and you can jump on and off in any of the 22 countries in three months.
This year over 1.7 million travellers will make an amazing journey with Rail Europe and we can make it happen for you. Your journey begins here. Enjoy!

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